Pi Academy Child Care is a licensed group child care for children age of 0-36 months old. Our facility passes all inspection by the City of Port Coquitlam, Fire safety department and Fraser Health community Care Facilities Licensing. Our centre strives to achieve the highest quality of care for children. We support kids in discovering new experiences, help them to expand their creativity and imagination, and guide them in developing and achieving core vital skills. We understand home is where infants and toddlers feel the most comfortable. That’s why we believe in providing an academic yet cozy and warm home-like child care environment for these younglings. Pi Academy Child Care is a safe place where teachers and parents consult and collaborate to create an environment of respect, joy, and success for your child.

Pi Academy Child Care’s tuition fee is $1350/month; however, we understand Covid-19 has affected many families. To contribute back to our community, we are reducing our month fee by $50 until further notice.

Our center has opted-in to the government’s CCFRI funding program to help families reduce their monthly tuition fee by $350 per full-time enrollment.

CCFRI— Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) enhances child care affordability by offering funding to eligible, licensed child care providers to reduce and stabilize monthly child care fees for parents. Pi Academy Child Care is approved to participate in this funding program. Each enrollment will automatically qualify to receive $350 in funding to be directly applied in reducing your monthly tuition fee.

Pi Academy Child Care’s philosophy is to provide a “Child-centered, purposeful-play” environment for optimal learning. Our unique program combines the philosophy of Montessori and Reggio Emilia for all encompassing development. We value each child’s unique interest and needs, and place a child’s free-exploration and hands-on experience with high importance. Our educators will follow your child’s pace and observe their needs and interests. We will then prepare suitable programs and lessons that are focused on promoting the development of each child’s physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

Pi Academy Child Care‘s curriculum was inspired by the teachings of Montessori and Reggio Emelia, and we have mindfully designed a robust curriculum that highlights developmentally appropriate learning materials, and fun activities that support the student’s specific needs for their age and interests. As children develop and progress throughout our curriculum, and experience higher learning curves, our teachers are well prepared with enhanced learning materials and activities that will accommodate each stage of growth.

Curriculum subjects:

  • Practical Life & Self-care Exercises
  • Sensorial Education
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Science & Cultural studies
  • Creative Art
  • Music and Dance
  • Dramatic play and Role Play
  • Social and Emotional Education
  • Nature Exploration
  • Daily Outdoor physical Activities
  • Field trips

Our teachers are passionate about what they do and they are highly trained and knowledgeable in Early Childhood Education. They are extremely patient in working with young children and are caring individuals by nature. All teachers are Certified Infant & Toddler Educators (IT), Early Childhood Educators (ECE), Early Childhood Education Assistants (ECEA), and hold an up-to-date First Aid Certification. In addition to certifications, all teachers have extensive experience and are required to participate in on-going training and professional development to stay up to date on the latest development in early childhood education practices. Our teachers value the importance of listening, observing, and documenting the student’s ideas and developmental progress. Teachers are proactive on reflection, assessment and evaluation of teaching materials. Activities are supportive and provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience to bring their ideas to life.

Pi Academy Child Care is located in a safe and central residential neighborhood of Woodland Acres in Port Coquitlam. To focus on academic, social and emotional development, we have two designated classrooms for students work and play in. Our classrooms are mindfully designed with infants and toddlers in mind. There is even a separate nap room that is cozy and quiet for students when they need some rest without distraction. We also have a 10,000 square foot, well-fenced and specifically designed private outdoor learning and play space for children to explore. This outdoor area will include a transitional Agriculture Program, Physical Education, Play-structures, Sand area for excavation and play, and a rubber track where students may learn to ride their first bike in a safe environment. We are relentless and strive to provide a secure, loving, and developmentally appropriate environment for children to explore and grow. Check out our photo gallery.

Pi Academy Child Care believes positive guidance is extremely important for social development of young children, particularly those in their infant and toddler years. Our Center focuses on the positive guidance strategy and appropriate emotion expression to help the children develop effective communication and problem solving skills. It is our responsibility to help the children create a sense of community, recognize and be able to show appropriate social skills. We focus on promoting positive behaviour and demonstrate to children how to use positive words, gentle actions, respect of others and appropriate communication to solve problems.

We know how precious each child’s early development years are for all families. We will document and share their special moments and milestones with you. Our teachers will document in detail regarding your child’s feelings, eating habits, sleep quality, diapering, new skills learned, and various activities they have gained and experience throughout the day. Teachers and parents will have close communication to consult and collaborate to create an environment of respect, joy and success for your child.


Montessori and Reggio Emilia programs



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